Who we are

We are more than just a financial institution; we are a catalyst for change! By providing accessible and responsible financial services, we believe in creating a ripple effect of progress, uplifting lives, and fostering sustainable development. With a commitment to inclusivity, we embrace the diverse aspirations and dreams of our clients, ensuring that each one is met with tailored solutions and personalized support.


Adjacent Possible Finance (APF) Limited was registered in September 2018 as a non-deposit taking microfinance. Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses in order to uplift their livelihoods. We strive to impact the market segment positively, creating opportunities for wealth generation and economic advancement.

Our main delivery channel focuses on serving individual clients and MSMEs. Additionally, we embrace a group lending approach, where clients from the same communities or marketplaces form groups and appoint officials. These groups undergo comprehensive training to equip them with essential financial skills and familiarize them with our lending policies. Upon completion of the training, the clients, along with their group officials, undergo credit appraisals by our expert credit officers. With a co-guaranteed mechanism in place, we administer credit on a gradual basis, fostering financial growth and sustainability.

Our Purpose

Together, these core elements form the foundation of our organization, guiding our decisions and actions as we work towards realizing our vision and making a meaningful difference in our communities.


To be a Leader in providing transformative & innovative financial solutions


Empower our customers to realize their economic potential through innovative financial solutions sustainably.

Our Values